Group Program

(13 sessions)

This intimate 4-month program covers both Level 1 & 2 - and some! While 4 months might sound like a huge commitment (it is!), the generous time frame allows for deep soul work, getting clear on what makes your heart sing and giving you ample time and support to integrate your desired feelings into your every day life. You will  be consistently reminded and held accountable to the changes and the vision that you desire. Most likely you will experience significant and lasting changes and beautiful new connections with like-minded adventurers.

This program is being offered both online and in-person.

Desire Map 1:1


This program is tailored to your needs and aspirations only. You are the exclusive focal point of everything we do and while we will go through the complete desire map process (Level 1 & 2) we will add and adjust as we go along and see fit: take extra time to let go of a stubborn limiting belief, work through a life event that still negatively effects the way you meet the world, ground you with reflexology or open your heart with massage... speed up or slow down, mix and match - I'll bring my all to the table.

This program is being offered both online and in-person.