The different methods offered are a part of a comprehensive healing system including both diagnosis and therapy, called Neurobiology by Klinghard, MD, PhD. In this system, psyche and body are seen as influencing each other and are treated as equally important aspects to lasting health and well-being.


Autonomic Response Testing

Autonomic Response Testing is similar to Kinesiology. It is a biofeedback enhanced physical exam which uses changes in the muscle tone as primary indicator. It can help to find the root causes and remedies to conditions such as allergies, chronic pain, chronic fatigue and digestive problems, as well as providing you with a customized roadmap on how to support your overall health.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT/Tapping)

EFT combines acupressure and guided counseling. It utilizes the body's energy meridian points by stimulating them with your fingertips, thereby releasing stress and sending a calming response to the body. It is a gentle but powerful technique that helps both adults and children to react differently to formerly stressful stimuli. If you or your child are struggling with anxiety, depression, pain and / or emotional stress, this technique might show a way out.


Psycho-Kinesiology is a synthesis of bio-feedback and guided counseling. The technique uses the signals of the body to uncover the psycho-emotional cuases of an illness, injury or disfunction and to resolve the issue. Psycho-Kinesiology is the method of choice when the original event causing the current problem is hidden in the subconscious.