Learn Traditional Thai Massage (Northern Style)

From February 2019 Ka'fofu will be offering courses in traditional Thai Massage. Thai Massage is an ancient method that uses both stretching, acupressure, rotation and muscle massage which makes it an effective and versatile treatment technique. The Northern style, originating in Chiang Mai, emphasises gentle and rhythmic action, working the whole lines, opposed to the stronger pressure points work of the Southern Style (Bangkok).

Traditional Thai massage is relaxing, but also thorough and a great workout for both the receiver and the giver of the massage. It promotes the process of healing and detoxifying, as well as the opening and softening of the body. Practiced in a meditative atmosphere with gentle hands, it facilitates a deep feeling of well-being. 

Thai massage is done clothed, (wear light, warm clothes), and on the floor, on mat or blankets.

Both Level I (Foundation of Thai Massage) and Level II (Intermediate Thai Massage) will be offered at Ka'fofu. You can choose between individual or small group (max. 4 students) sessions. Each course encompasses a total of 30 h, including both teaching, practice and final exam. Upon completion you will be able to perform an effective 1 - 1 ½ hour Thai Massage. 

The courses will follow the curriculum of International Training Massage School (ITM), an internationally recognized and approved Thai massage school.

All courses will be taught in English.

Price: 5000 kr. (Including working materials and certificate)

The fee does not include lunches. Students are free to take their own or buy some at one of the many delicious options in and around Jægersborggade that also cater for vegetarian / vegan choices.

If you would like to receive a certificate issued directly by ITM it can be arranged for additional charge.

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